Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Letter

Jonathan is really enjoying writing. He loves to copy anything he sees. He also enjoys making us cards or letters. He often just goes to his table and starts asking us how to spell words. That is how this "Letter to Jesus" came about. We were surprised and touched. He wanted to put it in an envelope right away and mail it to Jesus. After being stunned by the beauty and innocence of the moment, we explained how it could be his written prayer.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I probably shouldn't blog this -- but it made my husband so proud he called his dad (nice, hon) and I will have to use it for blackmail when David is older.

David is three. This is what happened just minutes ago.

David grabs the bottom of my shirt and starts to put his hands up my shirt.
[momma] "David! Don't put your hands in my shirt."
[david] "But, I want to touch those." (pointing at my chest)
[momma] speechless- gives Daddy 'a look'
[daddy] "David, you cannot touch girls' boobies."
[david] "Buuutt... I want to touch girluls' boobies."
[moment of silence, momma exits left stifling laughter.]
[daddy] "David, you can look at girls boobies, but you CANNOT touch them."