Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Snapshots

Jonathan had a soccer game on Tuesday night. It was pouring. Both Jonathan and Daddy got soaked (as you can see, Daddy's coat didn't help him too much!).

David got to celebrate his birthday at Preschool this week. We brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk. David loved having a special snack time.

On Wednesday Elisabeth figured out how to pull to standing in her crib. I thought she was alseep during naptime until I heard her crying. She didn't know what to do next. Of course, when I found her standing, I ran to get the camera! Now, she fights naps by pulling up like this.

Thomas was really proud of himself for styling his hair this way. (I thought he was washing his hands.)

Jonathan was awarded student of the month for September. (I wrote more about this here.)

Both Elisabeth and Momma wore BAMA red to watch the game. (I need to get my boys some BAMA clothes. Really, Elsie needs a girl outfit! This one was a hand-me-down from the boys.) Check out another adorable photo.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Big Brother Advice

David is in preschool. We are already starting to notice differences between him and Jonathan. Jonathan is not impressed with girls and never has been. He fits the "Girls are Gross" mold. He doesn't like anything that is remotely girly. David came home after a few days of preschool telling me that there was one girl at school that is really pretty. He didn't know her name and she wasn't his friend yet. Then a day or so later, he said she was his friend. This week I went to preschool to have a belated celebration of David's birthday. (I brought a special snack -chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk and birthday themed plates and napkins. David loved being the special boy!) I hung out with him at preschool and got to play with some of the kids. David made a point of telling me, "That's my friend. The one I was telling you about." (She is really cute. She's a brunette with brown eyes.)

So, that night at dinner, David told Daddy that I got to meet his friend.
Then he said, "I am going to MARRY her."
Jonathan had this look of disbelief on his face. Then, in ALL seriousness, he said: "DAVID! Don't tell her THAT until you are in college!"

No Mickey Mouse Here

Today, David and Thomas were spinning around and around, laughing and giggling until they fell down.

Thomas began saying this every time he fell down: "We are in Dizzyney Land!!!"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Photos

Thomas was really excited to see Elsie taking a ride.

I just love this smile!

Jonathan volunteering to be a Midfielder during his first soccer game.

Jonathan going after the ball.

David enjoys the best view of the soccer field.

Thomas flying high! (As soon as he was put down, he turned to Daddy and said, "Thank you, Daddy.")

Say What?

I love asking my kids questions just to see what they say. Last night at dinner I asked a bunch of random of questions and I enjoyed their answers.

Here are 2 of the questions I remember asking:

If you could be any superhero today, which one would you be?
Jonathan: Spiderman
David: Superman
Thomas: Batman

What is your favorite drink:
Jonathan: Gatorade
David: Coke
Thomas: Koolaid

Just now, being silly, I asked Thomas a question and laughed pretty hard at his answer.

Momma: "Thomas, what is in your ear?"
Thomas: "A booger."
Momma: "What?! Why is there a booger in your ear?"
Thomas: "Because I put it there."
Thomas: "Maybe I should go to the doctor."
I am thinking to myself---Maybe I should be concerned!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Elisabeth is 10 months old

Elisabeth is 10 months old now. It is SO hard to believe. Our "Elsie girl" is growing so fast! Her days are often quite busy, depending on what her brothers are doing. Thankfully, she is a very easy going girl! Here is how she spent her day 10 month old "birthday" yesterday.

7:30 Momma got her up for breakfast.
8:30 Along with Momma, She dropped David off at preschool
8:45 She went to the store to get Milk

10:00 She took a small nap in the swing (because there was not enough time for a big morning nap)

11:00 She went to preschool pick up David
11:30 Ate lunch at home
12:30 She went to pick up Jonathan from school (he has early release on Wednesdays)
1:30 She took a nice long afternoon nap
5:15 She watched Jonathan play his first soccer game... and loved watching David blow bubbles

6:30 Ate Dinner at Home
7:00 Playtime!

Loved on Pooh

Practiced Standing

Smiled for Momma

8:00 Bedtime

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Snapshots

A couple of weekends ago, we had an end of the summer party (aka "Video Game Night). The boys had been looking forward to video game night all summer. Momma made it a bit more eventful by adding in 2 scavenger hunts. Here are some pictures.

Some very excited boys

A very cute girl

Enjoying dinner

The first scavenger hunt

A Happy Thomas after opening a new V-Smile game

The Second Scavenger Hunt

Two Extremely happy boys after opening Indiana Jones Lego Game for the Wii


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home with a Smile

2:30: School gets out.
2:45: I just got home from getting Jonathan from school.
4:00: The earliest that he has gotten off the bus this year.

I have one happy 7 year old, instead of one extremely grumpy 7 year old.

It wasn't much trouble getting Elisabeth, David and Thomas in the car. It fits nicely right before Elisabeth's afternoon nap. This really may be worth it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

David's 1st Day of Preschool

David's first day of preschool was Monday. He loved it! Everyone got going early that morning. We are all going to have to adjust a bit to the new schedule (especially Elisabeth!). Jonathan was adorable because he was absolutely excited for David's first day of school. We woke Jonathan up and he wanted to be the one to wake up David. Then, he ran downstairs and was excited about everything from the clothes David got to wear and the supplies he was bringing into class. David was so cute going into preschool. He was all smiles and he seemed to love having me there taking pictures. David got lots of hugs before school and after school from his brothers. And, when Jonathan came in the door after getting off the bus, the first words out of his mouth were, "How was David's first day of school?" It was great seeing David soaking up his moment and loving his new school. It was touching to see his brothers excited for him. And Elisabeth was exhausted at the end of the preschool day. (Oh, Momma has a Monday morning meeting while David is in school. So, Elisabeth was woken up early and then had tons of stimulation instead of her morning nap!)
Here are some pictures of David's day:
Jonathan waiting for David to come and see his school clothes and supplies.

Jonathan and Thomas giving David a BIG hug.

David getting ready to go into preschool.

David standing outside of his classroom.

David playing a matching game during the opening "table play time".

David checking out more "table play" activites.

David singing a song at the end of preschool. (He told me later that he didn't sing. He just did the motions!)

David spots me taking his picture.

David getting a really big hug from Thomas.

David and Thomas freezing the moment so Momma could get a close up picture.

David's first preschool artwork (which is proudly displayed on the fridge).

One very, very exhausted baby

Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Photos

David's birthday was this past Tuesday (Sept 2). We had a lot of fun celebrating as a family. We have a tradition of decorating the night before a birthday so the birthday person wakes up to a house of birthday fun! His birthday theme was Superman. The boys were very excited to get Superman underoos first thing in the morning.

We had planned to go to Chuck E. Cheese but the day got away from us. Jonathan had his school open house that morning and they boys needed haircuts. (Well, actually, David HATES to get his haircut so we didn't make him do it on his birthday.) We delayed the Chuck E Cheese trip until this weekend. All in all, David had a lot of fun! He got a new bike from us (he calls it his "dirt bike"). He was spoiled by all the gifts from the family (a DS, games, and legos)! He felt very special and enjoyed every minute of "It's my birthday so I get to decide/go first"!

Here is a birthday slide show.

Here are some of my favorite pictures.