Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Favorites

Some of our favorite Christmas Photos

Decorating the Gingerbread House on Christmas Eve

Christmas Photo (table cloth from one great grandmother and flowers sent from other great grandparents)

Ready to go downstairs and open presents

He said: "You found just what I wanted!"

Enjoying a new Princess book

She'll take a little water with her huge smile

David the Drummer

His smile says it all: He loves UT and loves the new jersey

Momma sharing a stocking treat with Elisabeth

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Student of the Month

David was the Student of the Month for his class in December.
We are very proud of him.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When I grow up...

Yesterday I had a conversation with Thomas about what he wants to be when he grows up. It started off with him saying he wanted to be a robber one day. We talked about the good (costume) and bad (jail, disobeying God, disappointing Momma and Daddy) of being a robber. He changed his mind.

Thomas: "When I grow up I just want to be a normal dad."
Momma: "A normal dad? That sounds nice."
Thomas: "Yep, but I am still going to cheer for Tennessee."

Monday, December 07, 2009

Owen Adventures

What in the world have we been up to? I have so many pictures to share. We went to the pumpkin patch. We had a blast dressing up on Halloween. Elisabeth turned 2. Gran and Daddo (Jane Anne's parents) came to visit. We celebrated Thanksgiving. Time just keeps flying by. So, before I begin numerous posts sharing pictures, I thought I would give you an update on the kids.

In reverse order-

Elisabeth: Oh my goodness, this little girl steals my heart every day. She calls me "Mommy". I have no idea why. The boys have always called me "Momma" and they still do. Sometimes when I say "Momma" she says, "No, Mommy". I melt every time. She calls her brothers "Boy". If she want to be where they are or wants to get them, she says, "Boooooys!" But, if you ask her individually who each one is, she just answers "Boy". The boys get a big kick out of that. Elisabeth loves her baby dolls. I love watching her play with her babies. Oh, that's another thing, she rarely tries to say her name. Seth says she has tried to say "Elsie" but I haven't heard it. She calls herself "Baby". And if something is hers, she says "Babys!"

Thomas: Thomas is my tough boy with a big heart. He has a pretty big crush on a girl in preschool. He talks about her quite often. He talks about what she brings in for show-n-tell and he will tell me how she wears her hair. It's a precious 4 year old crush. Thomas can be so sweet. He keeps me on my toes, too. He insists that he is "Bad to the Bone" and wants his nickname to have "Bone" in it. (This summer Seth and his brother played that song for Thomas. He loves it and claims it as his own.) It certainly goes along with the mohawk he has had lately. (Oh, I need to share those pictures, too!) He is letting it grow out because he is afraid his head is going to get too cold.

David: David amazes me constantly. He is doing great in school. I wouldn't have ever doubted his abilities. I just didn't know how much he knew or how fast he would catch on to things. David lost his 1st tooth on November 22. He has no idea when he lost it or where it went. (And, once we suggested he might have swallowed it, we knew we would never say that again.) David is so afraid of blood that he would never let us wiggle his tooth. He would ask, "What if I swallow blood when my tooth comes out?" So, he just left it alone to come out on it's own. It did. He has another loose tooth right now. I wonder if we will get to pull this one.

Jonathan: Jonathan's big thing right now is playing chess. When Daddo (my dad) was here, he taught him how to play. If he cannot play video games (his first love, I'm afraid), he plays chess. He is trying to teach David and he even made an amazing effort at playing with Thomas. I had to try to explain (with out hurting Thomas's feelings) that chess might be too hard for a 4 year old. When he isn't playing games, he is usually reading. It is not unusual to see him sitting on the couch reading. He tells me a lot of jokes and shares trivia with me. I asked him today about his favorite part of school and he said it was when he was explaining something to his teacher. It was a trick from "The Dangerous Book for Boys".