Thursday, July 30, 2009

"I did what you said"

David has been cracking me up this week. I could write post after post about what he's been doing and saying.

This week, I have a motto. I didn't mean to create a motto. It just happened after a few too many hours hiding inside from the 100+ heat outside. One day when the boys were getting ready to do something I said, "Rule #1: Don't do things to upset your brother." I have been saying that over and over this week.

This morning, David was hitting his brother with a pillow. His brother was saying, "Stop! Stoooooop"

Momma: "David, Don't do things to upset your brother."

He turns and (ever so gently) hits Elisabeth with the pillow.

Momma: "David! Don't hit Elisabeth."

David: "You said don't upset your brother and I did what you said."

Saturday, July 25, 2009

One Less Place Around the Table

Seth was relaxing outside reading a book when the chair he was sitting in broke. It just crashed down with him in the seat.

The kids were playing in the water from the sprinkler when it happened.

Thomas was devastated.
Here are the boys checking out the damage. Here's what they had to say about Daddy breaking the chair.

We either have one really strong Daddy or we had one really tired chair.

Either way, we have one less place around our table.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Backyard Campout

On Thursday night, we decided that it would be fun for the boys to camp out in the backyard on Friday night. Seth told the boys to come up with a camping list. He said, "Don't forget the important stuff." Then, he encouraged them to come up with some creative things to do.

Here's the list the boys created.

Seth laughed when he saw the creative activities:
"Roll the tent with toliet paper" Jonathan
"Spank Daddy" David
"Wrestle Daddy in the tent" Thomas

The kids before the campout:

Some excited kids:

Watching a movie in the tent:

Enjoying S'mores:


Wrestling in the Tent (Thomas didn't actually wrestle... but then, I never saw anyone spank Daddy, either):

Toliet Papering the Tent:

Taking a break:

The Campers:

We all had a fantastic time. We finished off the morning with a Giant water fight.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Fat Cry Baby

The boys have been torturing each other with name calling lately (I know you are shocked.). I am constantly reminding them not to call each other names. It is usually awful things like Poopy Face or Cry Baby.

Tonight, Jonathan came running downstairs to tell me that David called him a name.

"He saaaaaaid that I had a big fat cry baby in my belly!"

"THAT is not true. He called me a GIRL"

I said, "What?"

"If you have a baby in your belly, you are a girl and I am NOT a girl!"

Ahhhhhh... well, of course, that is the worst insult ever to Jonathan. It wasn't the "big" or the"fat" or even the "cry baby". If there's a baby in your belly, you are a girl. Jonathan can be called many things but not that!