Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Potty Training is a Monster

David is not really warming up to the idea of potty training. He does not like the potty at all and prefers to use his diaper or pull-up. He will readily tell you that he does not like to pee or poop in the potty. He is getting creative in response to my efforts.

Momma: "David, did you pee in your pull-up?"
David: "Nope. A monster peed in my pull-up."

Peter Pan's Influence

Today the boys were looking through toy catalogs. This is something they really enjoy and every item warrants a "Hey, Mom, let me show you my favorite."

David: "Gurrlul, Gurrrlull, Gurrrlul"
Jonathan: "Ew, Girl Stuff"
Momma: "Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a girl, you know."
Jonathan: "Girls talk too much!"
Momma: "Where did you hear that or did you come up with it yourself?"
Jonathan: "Peter Pan. I heard it from Peter Pan."

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Today Jonathan and David got haircuts. As Jonathan got in the chair to get his haircut, the barber asked how he wanted it cut.
He replied, "I want an Army haircut."
David's hair is still a little thin but he got it as close to an Army cut as he could.

Growing Big

Tonight we had a good size dinner and then I let the boys have some ice cream for dessert.

Momma: "You guys ate so much your bellies are going to explode!"
David: "NO, We are NOT! I am going to grow big like you; and he (Jonathan) is going to grow big like you, too."

Thursday, August 10, 2006


The other day, the ice cream truck came through our neighborhood. I let Jonathan and David pick out their ice creams and I got one to share with Thomas. David choose an ice cream sandwich. Jonathan got a spongebob popsicle, complete with bubble gum eye balls. We pulled the eyeballs out (which was very exciting, I might add) and Jonathan decided David could have one of his pieces of bubble gum AFTER Jonathan was done with the popsicle. This was a big deal because, of course, David made record time consuming his regular size ice cream sandwich, while Jonathan slowly enjoyed his popsicle.
Anyway, getting to the point of this story...
I decided to remind David about Bubble gum and how to enjoy it.

Momma: "Now, David, remember, this is CHEWING gum. You don't swallow it. You chew it and when you are done with it, you spit it out."
(No reaction from David- who was running around in the front yard.)
Momma: "DAVID, chew it, then SPIT IT OUT."

I went back to sharing my ice cream with Thomas. I was caught totally off guard when David ran over to me, and SPIT his chewing gum in my direction.
He followed my direction, quite literally.
There was nothing to do but chuckle to myself.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Jonathan enjoys working on activity books. This includes things like number or ABC dot to dots, mazes, Find the Differences in the picutres. Today he started working on a new book which was all about letters. In it there were dot to dot ABCs, pictures where you were to circle only the lowercase letters, pictures were you had to find the hidden uppercase letters, places to practice writing letters, and mazes where you had to go the route of the letter pairs (upper case with matching lowercase). Jonathan went through the whole book first asking me what he had to do on each page. Then, he got right to work.
After a while, he made this (quite adorable) comment:

"I feel like my mind is in Kindergarten."

Saturday, August 05, 2006


David doesn't know the meaning of the word "Busy." He thinks he does, though. He says "busy" in a determined way. I cannot figure out what he means when he says this. In the past he has said over and over, "Momma, I'm busy. I'm busy Momma." This is usually said in desparation. He never seems to be doing much but sometimes he has been running around at the time. I have asked him, 'David, are you dizzy?' Which is followed by a "No, momma, I am BUSY."
Tonight the meaning of the word to David was even more elusive to me.
We were at a neighborhood park. David ran up to me a couple of times saying he was his belly was BUSY.
David: "Momma, my belly is busy."
Momma: "Your belly is busy?"
David: Yes, my belly is BUSY."
Momma: "David does your belly hurt?"
David: "No momma, my belly IS BUSY."
Momma: (Noticing he was a bit out of breath) "David, is your belly tired?"
David: "NO, MOMMA, my belly is BIIIIIISY!" (David runs back to play.)