Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Events this Week 3/29/06

Thomas has figured out that it is fun to hand Momma something and then take it back. For example, if I (Momma) hold out my hand, he will hand me his cracker. He is quick to take it right back! He likes this game and repeats it over and over. The other game he likes isn't so fun for Momma. He takes something that he wants (like his pacifier) and drops it. Then he says, "Uh oh" and waits for me to get it for him.

David is starting to learn his colors. His favorite color (and the one he recognized first) is Red. (Roll Tide!) He is very excited about learning his colors. Tonight as he was getting on his PJs, he pointed to the different colors on the pants saying, "This is red. This is blue." He also was quick to point out an orange truck today. When asked tonight what color truck Daddy should get one day, David said Orange. (I had an immediate image of a truck adorned with VOLS was so frightening!) (Jonathan wants Daddy to have a Green truck)

Perhaps the most heart-wrenching thing that Jonathan did this week is also very touching. There was a picture in the paper of some troops that had just come home. The picture was all of the soldiers standing in formation, with one little boy to the side holding a sign that said "Welcome Home Daddy." Jonathan asked me about the picture and then insisted on making a sign for Daddy. I tried to emphasize that Daddy was not getting ready to come home. It didn't matter. He had me write out the words and he copied them and colored his sign. I did convince him that we couldn't leave it on our kitchen table until Daddy comes home. (Right now it is on our refrigerator.)

Friday, March 24, 2006

My Favorite

We have a picture of Daddy on our refrigerator down low so the boys can look at him all the time. We talk about Daddy all the time. I had a great conversation today with David.
(M) "David, who's that?"
(D) "My Daddy."
(D) "My Favorite."
(M) "Is he your favorite person?"
(D) "No, not person...Daddy."
(M) "Are you a person?"
(D) "I am David right now."

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

David Talks Constantly

David's vocabulary is coming along. He talks constantly and loves to repeat anything he hears.

Here are a few David quotes from today (which are only effective if you can imagine the two-year old dialect):

(D) You know what I want to be when I grow up?
(M) What's that David?
(D) I want to be Jonnie when I grow up. I want to be Jonathan.

(M) David, come here please.
(D) Only ef I half to.
(M) (pause) David, you have to.
(D) Okay.

Monday, March 20, 2006

When we grow up

Momma: What do you want to be when you grow up?
David: A firedman
Jonathan: A builder who is in charge
Thomas: Daaa Bbbb AAAhhhh

David's Job

Jonathan: "Momma, I know what David should do when he grows up."
Momma: "What's that?"
Jonathan: "He should copy what people say and write it in Magazines."
Momma: "Do you think he would be good at that?"
Jonathan: "YES! Because he is alllllllways copying me."

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Jonathan Quote

Jonathan: "Momma, why don't you play with us?" "You are always either cleaning or taking care of us."