Monday, June 25, 2007

No more booster seats for David

Tonight we ate out at a local restaurant here in DuPont. About 3/4 the way through dinner David said his eye was hurting. Last night he had an eye lash in his eye, which caused him a lot of discomfort. I first thought that is what it was. Seth checked out his eye and found nothing so he chalked it up to seasonal allergies. The allergens have been high lately. By the time we were getting close to being done David was complaining more about his eye. It was getting quite red. I had this fleeting thought that seasonal allergies symptoms make me really nervous with David because of his peanut allergy.
This restaurant lets kids pick out a toy when they leave. David and Thomas picked out theirs pretty quickly so Seth took them on out. Jonathan and I went out and went around to the car a different way (we were parked around back). When I saw David's face, I felt panic. He had this big read mark on his forehead. Seth quickly said that he had been looking at his toy and ran right into the building. Sweet relief... until I was buckling David in his seat and noticed that the eyelid for the eye that was red was beginning to swell up. He also had this white junk coming out of it. As we are starting the car, he began sneezing. It is suddenly pretty obvious to Seth and I that you don't get seasonal allergies in ONE eye. His body was fighting off an allergic reaction.

David had been sitting in a booster seat. All we can figure is that the child that sat in the booster seat before him had eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which the restaurant serves but I didn't think would be a danger because David was getting a cheese burger).

I felt so overwhelmed with emotion after giving David Benadryl and allergy Visine. I felt this feeling of hopelessness that I just cannot protect my child every where we go. I don't know what amount of peanut butter it took to make his body react that way but it had to be small. I am trying to remember to count my blessings that he didn't get it in his mouth. This allergy creates such fear in my heart-- I guess this is just a reminder to constantly pray for safety and health for my kids.

Seth's comment: In the long run, this is going to save us money... once stop eating out all together.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Knives and Swords

Last night at dinner, right after I sat down to eat, I began cutting up my food.

Thomas asked, "Where's MY sword? Where's my sword? My sword?!"
Momma, "Do you mean knife?"
Thomas, "Es"

Thursday, June 07, 2007


The boys are playing T-ball. This is a first for all of us. Jonathan and David are on the same team. Daddy ended up being the coach (except, of course, when the Army sends him out of town!). There are 9 players on the team. We haven't had a game yet. We are in a beginner league that is very, very relaxed. We are having a blast with it!

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