Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm stubborn and I know it

This morning, Seth, Jonathan, Thomas and I (Jane Anne) talked about the time change. Jonathan and Seth had been up for a while. I was still sipping coffee trying to wake up and Thomas had just come downstairs. (David is sick and was still sleeping. Elsie was also still asleep.)

We began discussing who in the family is a "morning person" or a "night person."

It is clear-
Seth is a morning person.
Jane Anne is a night person.
Jonathan is a night person.
David is a morning person.
It is too early to tell about Elsie.

Thomas gets in bed and falls asleep fast and hard. Waking up can be a very slow process.

This morning Thomas was unusually chatty. Seth mentioned that he falls asleep quickly and surmised, "Maybe, Thomas is a morning person."

Jane Anne: "You carry him downstairs sometimes because it is so hard to get him to wake up. And, he sometimes he doesn't wake up when you bring him downstairs."

Thomas: "I don't think I am a morning person or a night person. I am just a person.
I am a stubborn person."

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oregon Music at Church

Before church this morning, as we sat in our seats waiting for the service to start, I had a conversation with Elsie what went something like this:

Elsie exclaimed, "What?! The piano is playing but no one is there!"
Momma: "No, Elsie, look- that's the organ being played. It's over there."
Elsie: "What? Oregon music? I don't like Oregon."
Momma: "No, not Oregon music. Organ. She's playing an organ."
Elsie: "That's the SAME. Oregon. Organ. I don't like the Oregon Ducks."

Friday, March 01, 2013

February Highlights

In February:

Seth took David to an indoor archery range to shoot his bow.

Jane Anne and the kids had fun making lollipop valentine's. 

Mom inspired cards:

Kid inspired cards:

Jane Anne made a strawberry ice cream cake for Valentine's day. (The ice cream melted just slightly before it refroze... no one cared, of course.)

David got his first Valentine heart box of assorted chocolates (from Vermont Nut Free Chocolate). His reaction was priceless. 

Thomas proudly showed off his rock collection at Collections Night at school.

We went visited Lake Tahoe as a family on President's day.

We went sledding and played in the snow at Tahoe on President's Day.

Thomas received the character award for his class.

David was on the honor roll with all A's and B's.

Jonathan earned a 4.0 for his second term.