Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Student of the Month

Jonathan was the October Student of the Month for his class. He was given the award for "always listening and always working hard."

We are proud of him and how hard he works at school. He was thrilled to get the award (and the candy that went along with it).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Soccer

Today was the last day of soccer for the Fall Season. The boys had a blast playing even though neither team had a winning season. Today's games were both at the same time (9 a.m.). Today was especially exciting for David because he scored a goal.

I took a picture of the 3 boys after their games. A picture speaks a thousand words. This is what this one says to me: Jonathan is easily distracted when he is made to do something. David is a people pleaser (thus the sweet, sweet smile for Momma's picture). Thomas is full of himself.

I just love my boys.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our Family Feud

Seth went to the University of Tennessee. Jane Anne went to the University of Alabama. This week is our rivalry week. Tennessee and Alabama play each other on Saturday.

The kids have picked their teams. Here's an explanation of their loyalties.

Jonathan adores his Daddy. He always has. He wants to be like him in every way. From an early age, Jonathan claimed to be a Tennessee fan.

David loved the color red from about age 2 on. He roots for Alabama. It's hard to say if he loves Alabama because their color is red or because his older brother cheers for Tennessee.

Thomas says he "DOES NOT like red" so naturally he cheers for Tennessee. He doesn't like red because David does. I am not sure if he likes Tennessee because David doesn't or because of our family trip there this summer.

Elisabeth doesn't get to choose this year. (Thank goodness. I mean, 2 and 2 seems fair to me.) With Daddy's approval (permission might be a better word), she is going to be a BAMA cheerleader for Halloween.


I had a friend here in the NW ask about the clothes. I almost forgot to explain.

David already had an red Alabama shirt. Thomas had a old white Tennessee shirt of Jonathan's. Then, when my friend mailed Elsie's cheerleading outfit, she threw in another shirt for David. I had sympathy for Jonathan because he didn't have any Tennessee clothes and I called my mom and asked her to go shopping. She was more than willing. I called on Saturday, she went shopping on Sunday and mailed it on Monday. We got her package on Wednesday. She sent Seth a couple of orange shirts, Jonathan, David and Thomas orange shirts and she snuck in another cheerleading outfit (this time in orange).

Hmmm... now that I think about it, I might need to get a new red shirt soon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Decorating Pumpkins

Jonathan decorated a pumpkin at Cub Scouts last week. He really enjoys cub scouts (and David is having a hard time waiting - he has to be in 1st grade).

Jonathan and his friend Tyler

Getting Started

Hard at work


So Cute

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leaf Art

Last week, we decorated pumpkin pictures using painted leaves. Seth was at a meeting and I decided to get creative with the kids. We had a lot of fun and made a big mess.

Getting started

Beautiful leaf prints

Jonathan was a serious painter.

David was an excited painter.

Thomas was a busy painter (he painted the most and ventured away from leaf prints).

Even Elsie had fun painting.

Oops! She grabbed a paint cup.

What a fun mess!

Our Leaf Art Masterpieces

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Elisabeth's 1st Tea Party

Last Sunday, Elisabeth went to a tea party. It was the cutest thing. Four little girls using a tea set and eating little bagel sandwiches, cookies and "tea" (juice). Elisabeth was the youngest at the party and the party was right during her naptime. Surprisingly, she handled everything really well. I think she loved being around other little girls.

When we got there, she got some new dress up shoes (and a necklace, bracelet and magic wand).

She had a blast playing with the baby dolls.

Elisabeth really liked the tea set.

She was a bit too wiggly to make me feel comfortable with her using the real tea set. We gave her a plastic set (and she was still as happy as ever).

Here are all the girls having their tea.

I thought maybe Elisabeth would spill her "tea" all over her dress. She never even picked up her tea cup.

The tea party hostess (another Elizabeth) was adorable.

Here are the party girls.

Elisabeth had fun. I took a ton of pictures and I have been looking at them all week. Now, I want to watch Cinderella. I need to buy Snow White. (You should have seen Thomas's face when I said that!)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Pigtails at the Owen House

Last weekend, I put Elsie's hair in pigtails. Now, I am in love with the way she looks with pigtails. She has worn them several times this week. And, to my knowledge, they have only been pulled once by one of her brothers.

Here's my little sweetie sportin' the piggies.