Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our Family Feud

Seth went to the University of Tennessee. Jane Anne went to the University of Alabama. This week is our rivalry week. Tennessee and Alabama play each other on Saturday.

The kids have picked their teams. Here's an explanation of their loyalties.

Jonathan adores his Daddy. He always has. He wants to be like him in every way. From an early age, Jonathan claimed to be a Tennessee fan.

David loved the color red from about age 2 on. He roots for Alabama. It's hard to say if he loves Alabama because their color is red or because his older brother cheers for Tennessee.

Thomas says he "DOES NOT like red" so naturally he cheers for Tennessee. He doesn't like red because David does. I am not sure if he likes Tennessee because David doesn't or because of our family trip there this summer.

Elisabeth doesn't get to choose this year. (Thank goodness. I mean, 2 and 2 seems fair to me.) With Daddy's approval (permission might be a better word), she is going to be a BAMA cheerleader for Halloween.


I had a friend here in the NW ask about the clothes. I almost forgot to explain.

David already had an red Alabama shirt. Thomas had a old white Tennessee shirt of Jonathan's. Then, when my friend mailed Elsie's cheerleading outfit, she threw in another shirt for David. I had sympathy for Jonathan because he didn't have any Tennessee clothes and I called my mom and asked her to go shopping. She was more than willing. I called on Saturday, she went shopping on Sunday and mailed it on Monday. We got her package on Wednesday. She sent Seth a couple of orange shirts, Jonathan, David and Thomas orange shirts and she snuck in another cheerleading outfit (this time in orange).

Hmmm... now that I think about it, I might need to get a new red shirt soon.


cbogie said...

Thanks for the clarification!!! And I love how kids choose their teams!

Kimberly said...

I imagine this week at your household has been quite fun!!! Enjoy your day on Saturday and well because you're my BFF - ROLL TIDE!!!!!!