Monday, January 21, 2013


On Saturday, the boys got haircuts.

"Why did you choose this haircut?"
"I don't have to brush it and it is so short, I won't have to get another haircut for a while."

"Why did you choose this haircut?"
"Um, well... I like it. I did decide to get it a little shorter this time."

"Why did you choose this haircut?"
"It's my style!"

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Thomas and David accidentally collided. It was a serious head-butt that brought both boys to tears. 

After the tears stopped flowing, I tried lighthearted humor to make them smile.

Momma: "Did it knock some sense into you?"

Thomas: "No. It knocked nonsense into me!"

Friday, January 18, 2013

Elisabeth's birthday

Elisabeth turned five on November 17th. We had such fun celebrating her birthday, it would be a shame not to post any pictures.

Elisabeth chose to have a Care Bear themed birthday.

A few months before her birthday, our neighbor gave her a hand-me-down Care Bear. That's when her love of Care Bears was born. Not too long after that, we found we could record the Care Bears (it comes on TV during the wee hours of each Saturday morning).

Five is such a great age. It was super fun to watch her open presents! The boys were very excited for her.

I surprised her with a rainbow Care Bear cake. 

Elisabeth had her first friend birthday party on the night of her birthday at Pump it Up. She had blast (see Cyclone blast picture as evidence)! It was extra special to have Gran and Daddo there to celebrate. 

We had cupcakes at the party. 

Afterwards, Elsie was tired (and full) and she readily agreed to have her cake the next day.

Elsie's 5th birthday was almost as special she is... almost.