Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Favorite Meals

Last night I was anticipating making our grocery list. So, at dinner, I asked the boys to tell me their favorite meals.
Momma: "What is your favorite meal?"
Jonathan: "PIZZA!!!
David: "I looove potatoes. Mashed potatoes or juuuust potatoes (referring to baked potatoes)"
Thomas: "Pirate Food!"
Laughter from Everyone
Momma: "Thomas, what is Pirate Food?"
Thomas: "Macaroooooni"

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow Day

We woke up to a beautiful snow day. It snowed until noon. We got about 5 inches. When we were waiting to go outside (really, the boys were waiting and I was scrambling to get snow clothes), I kept explaining that the snow was a treat and it was unusual to get this much snow where we live.
Then, Jonathan said, "This is like a TREAT from God!"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 Months Old

Elisabeth is 2 months old today. She had her 2 month doctor appointment (complete with her first round of shots) this morning. She weighs 10lbs 11 1/2 ounces and is 22 3/4 inches long (50 percentile for both).

These pictures were taken this afternoon.

Monday, January 14, 2008

David Health Update

This past Thursday David met with his new Asthma and Allergy doctor. We were pleased with his new doctor. We choose him because he specialized in both allergies and asthma. We learned a great deal at the appointment.

Asthma: The doctor determined that we needed to have a nebulizer (medical device that delivers liquid medication in the form of a mist to the airways) at home. Not only did David’s doctor suggest that we have one, he suggested that we be more proactive about his asthma treatments. Instead of simply treating attacks when they occur, he put David on a daily treatment plan. Each day, David has a nebulizer treatment. We also have medication for when an attack occurs. Part of the reason that David needs a more aggressive treatment is that he has allergies that trigger his asthma.
Allergies: The doctor did a skin allergy test. This test requires that tiny drops of purified allergen extracts are pricked or scratched into the skin's surface. This test was not fun for David. After the first skin prick, David was screaming as loud as he could. He was not still, either. Seth had to hold him very tightly. He was tested for allergies to pollen, trees, mold, grass, dust mites, weeds, animal dander from cats and dogs and peanuts. The pricks were done and we were told it would take about 15 minutes for a reaction to show up. The nurse left the room. About 1 minute later, David started crying saying his arm hurt. He was saying, “It huuurrrts. It HURTS!! It hurts RIGHT HERE.” He was pointing and tapping the pinprick right next the “P”. There wasn’t a visible reaction yet but he was clearly in pain from the Peanut test. He started really crying so we went to the get the doctor. By the time the doctor came in a couple of minutes later, the peanut test was red and swollen. He said that there was no doubt he was still allergic to peanuts. (He had talked to us before the test about how there was still a possibility David could outgrow the allergy.) It was heartbreaking to see David's reaction. Even after putting some medicinal cream on the spot, David kept saying his arm hurt for quite some time. The test also showed that David has other allergies that we were not aware of. He is allergic to grass. He is also allergic to animal dander from both cats and dogs. I had an epiphany of sorts. It was an “ah ha” moment for me. I knew that at times when David was around cats or dogs, he would have an asthma attack. This had happened a few times as friends' houses. I had decided that some cats and dogs must trigger his asthma. I had not considered that he might be allergic to cats and dogs. This revelation saddened Seth and I. Immediately, though we hadn’t discussed it, we were both wondering about George and Bailey (our sweet 12 year old dogs). The doctor said that he was not going to recommend that we get rid of our dogs. He did make some other recommendations that include: Regular dog grooming, weekly dog baths, keeping the dogs out of David’s room (that was easy because the dogs just don’t ever go in there), weekly washing of sheets, and very frequent vacuuming. Back to the grass allergy—this is one explanation for why playing actively outside exhausts David so quickly. (Of course, physical exertion wasn’t ruled out as an asthma trigger, either.) We were alarmed to find out that David is allergic to grass. It just so happens that the area we live in is known for its grass seed production. There are grass seed farms everywhere in this area. We live in the Willamette Valley and I think this quote from an Oregon Grass Seed website says it all: “Grass seed production is one of the state’s leading agricultural crops, it ranked 3 rd in Oregon’s Top 40 Commodities of 2006. Over half of the Willamette Valley is sown to forage seed.” The doctor told us that the grass season could be really hard on David but we have nothing to worry about because we will get him set up with what he needs before the peak season. (That didn’t really put my mind to ease but I am thankful that we found out about the allergy before “grass seed season.")

It amazes me how David takes all of this in stride. Yesterday at church, there were snacks afterward. He ate his fruit, cheese and crackers, without complaining that both of his brothers got to eat cookies from the cookie tray. (I ended up making some chocolate chip cookies at home.) He has taken to the nebulizer really well. David really likes that it came with a cool fish mask. In all honesty, I think he realizes that it is helping him. And, it seems that he is sleeping so much better. Normally he frequently coughs night. He has been sleeping so soundly the last few days.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Year's Day

Jonathan and David were quite sick on New Year's Eve and they went to bed about 6:30 p.m. After a nice relaxing bath, Thomas got in bed around 8 p.m. Momma and Daddy were just plain worn out. It was an unusual New Year's Eve for us. We celebrated the New Year on New Year's Day. We had confetti poppers, noise poppers, and balloon whistles. We rounded out the celebration with a large decorated cookie. Here are some pictures from our Owen celebration.

Thomas's Bank

Thomas received a Frog bank for Christmas. The other boys have different piggy banks. (We couldn't find a 3rd unbreakable piggy bank so we opted for the unbreakable froggy bank.) One night not long after Christmas, Seth told Thomas that they needed to "Feed the Frog." Jonathan and David get pretty excited about feeding their pigs. What we didn't know is that Thomas thought the feedings were essential for growth!

Thomas was very excited and jumped and bounced around while Daddy got some money for the bank.
Daddy and Thomas: "Feed the Frog! Feed the Frog!"
Thomas put the money put into the bank.
Thomas begins fussing and whines: "Awwww... it didn't get bigger."