Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Favorite Meals

Last night I was anticipating making our grocery list. So, at dinner, I asked the boys to tell me their favorite meals.
Momma: "What is your favorite meal?"
Jonathan: "PIZZA!!!
David: "I looove potatoes. Mashed potatoes or juuuust potatoes (referring to baked potatoes)"
Thomas: "Pirate Food!"
Laughter from Everyone
Momma: "Thomas, what is Pirate Food?"
Thomas: "Macaroooooni"


Kimberly said...

My favorite is spaghetti. By telling you this does that mean it's made it's way to your grocery list???? ;}

Jane Anne said...

Too Funny! Although I didn't get the all of the boys "meals" in for this week, we eat spaghetti fairly often and I have it down for Thursday night.

Anonymous said...

Thomas needs to come stay with us. Blackbeard (a.k.a. Uncle Josh) makes a killer Pirate Chili, complete with "snake meat" and "eyeballs".


Melissa Guay said...

Argh. Ahoy matey.
That is just too cute!!!!

Rene said...

One of Ronins favorites is Chicken nuggets, but when ever we are eating something he looks at us and says "mmm hot chocolate I LOOOVE HOT CHOCOLATE " or what ever you happen to be eating.