Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Photos

Here are some of my favorite photos from this week.

Elisabeth getting some love from Anah and Sammy.

David has enjoyed helping feed Elisabeth this week. The first time he helped, he opened his mouth wide and his tongue came out every time he fed her. It was adorable!

Thomas brought his pirate ship over to Elisabeth so he could shoot a canon at her puppy. Thankfully, this time she wasn't the target! (Those day will come, I am sure.)

Elisabeth trying to find her balance.

Amazing-- I managed to get all four in the same area... and I ran for the camera!!

Jonathan loves to stand on Daddy.

Elisabeth stylin with her pink bow.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stinky as a Skunk

Jonathan has been really expressive lately. I recieved an email from a friend this morning describing a conversation with Jonathan.

So, we’re bringing Jonathan home from play practice, and Hannah is talking with him about Eli’s special blankie and how it’s stinky – someone – maybe Jonathan, but I’m not sure if it was him, says, “Is it as stinky as a skunk”? Hannah says "No, not quite." Then Jonathan says, “Well, my dad is as stinky as a skunk!” “Really?” I say. He says, “Yep, he is when he has gas!!”

Her daughter's comment later, “Well, I guess if you really want to know about an adult in someone’s family, just ask a kid!”

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I almost hesitated sharing this one. For anyone that doesn't have boys... this is just another day in a house with boys...

Today the boys were talking about getting hit or hitting in the privates. Then, Jonathan explains to David that part of his privates are called nuts. The rest of the converstation goes something like this.

[Jonathan] David HAS nuts! He isn't allergic to his nuts!!
[David] Momma!! Momma!! I have nuts... but not real nuts.
[Jonathan] No, David, they are nuts. They are real nuts. DAAAAAVID-You have nuts inside your body!
[David] I am NOT allergic to my nuts.

(This is one of the many conversations with my boys that I could have never imagined. BTW, I just love what Jonathan is learning at school! I always ask where he hears things like this and it always come from a different boy at school. Yesterday's pig story came from Collin. Today's info came from Brayton. No telling what we will talk about tomorrow! )

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hot Dogs

Jonathan: "Momma, I know what hot dogs are."
Momma: "What's that?"
Jonathan: "Pig wieners."
Momma: "What's that?!"
Jonthan: "You know-- Pig Privates."

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Photos

These photos are from Daddy's 34th birthday celebration.
(Click on an image to make it bigger.)

Creative Play

I just snuck up on the boys and took this video.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Seth is 34 today! Here are a few of his Favorite things.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

6 months old

Elisabeth is 6 months old today. I can hardly believe it. She is a sweet little girl. As it should be, I am totally biased. She is loved and adored by the boys. She is also totally entertained by them. She is starting to get around a bit by rolling. If you put her down, she immediately rolls onto her belly. Then, she rolls over. She repeats this until something blocks her movement. Elisabeth is attached to a knit blanket (that I suppose we should name). One of Seth's mom's friends (actually, it is cool, Ann was really Seth's mom's mom's friend) made Elisabeth the "security blanket." The girl has to have it to sleep! We have tried to substitute other blankets because she has a tendency to chew on this one and nothing else will do. And, if she is fussy, just putting the blanket next to her head will often calm her down. Elisabeth is eating baby cereal now. She started off with Rice cereal but I switched her to oat cereal this week because she was having trouble digesting it. She takes a pacifier right now. She doesn't wake up needing it. She always wants something in her mouth when she is awake. If she doesn't have a paci, she will be chewing on something. She loves to grab her feet and chew on them. The cutest thing is (and this is going to be hard to describe) if you move her chin up and down, she will make noise (baaab baab baaaab). Okay, yep, that's impossible to describe. Take my word for it, its adorable!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Photos

David Painting: He had more fun painting the pan than the paper.

Thomas Painting: He had more fun painting himself than the paper.

Jonathan cooling off by eating a popsicle.

Elisabeth enjoying her feet.

Elisabeth doing "tummy time".

Daddy opening up an early birthday present from Mimi and Poppa.

One very happy Seth.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seeing with Style

Jonathan got new glasses today.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Elisabeth's First Food

Today Elisabeth has her "first food": some Rice Cereal. The boys were really, really excited about it. They all stopped what they were doing and gathered around for the first tasting. It was a great photo op. I wish I could remember everything that was said. I know that Jonathan made mention of the fact that she will have her first "real poop" now. (Only a boy would think of that, I think!) Elisabeth ate the cereal really well. The boys were really excited that she liked it ("She liked it!! She didn't spit it out!!") After she ate, Thomas really wanted to taste the baby food ("I want some! I want some!") So, I told him to get in his seat and he could try it. I knew he wouldn't like it so I said something to Seth like, "Oh, this should be fun" and then I got the camera ready. What I forgot was that Thomas has a strong gag reflex. He didn't like the cereal at all. We got some pictures that make us laugh (to the point of tears). Thankfully, he didn't throw up-- but he came pretty close. He said several times later in the day that he doesn't like Elisabeth's baby food ("It makes me cough.")

Here are the sweet pictures of Elisabeth's First Feeding.

These next pictures are of Thomas's experience with the baby food. It probably doesn't need commentary but I have to add a few comments.

Picture 1: Thomas is eager and excited about getting to taste the baby food.

Picture 2: Daddy is still holding the spoon out in case Thomas wants more. He doesn't. He is gagging.

Picture 3: We have asked Thomas if he is okay. He looks at me and smiles for the camera.

Picture 4: Two seconds after smiling for the camera, Thomas's hand goes up to his chest and he gags hard. This is the end of the picture taking.

He was probably about one more gag away from puking. I cannot tell you how happy I am that he didn't puke. Seth complimented me on my superb mothering tonight. Only a truly wonderful mom would document her child gagging (Hmph, not sure what to make of that... but they sure are some hilarious photos!)