Saturday, May 10, 2008

Elisabeth's First Food

Today Elisabeth has her "first food": some Rice Cereal. The boys were really, really excited about it. They all stopped what they were doing and gathered around for the first tasting. It was a great photo op. I wish I could remember everything that was said. I know that Jonathan made mention of the fact that she will have her first "real poop" now. (Only a boy would think of that, I think!) Elisabeth ate the cereal really well. The boys were really excited that she liked it ("She liked it!! She didn't spit it out!!") After she ate, Thomas really wanted to taste the baby food ("I want some! I want some!") So, I told him to get in his seat and he could try it. I knew he wouldn't like it so I said something to Seth like, "Oh, this should be fun" and then I got the camera ready. What I forgot was that Thomas has a strong gag reflex. He didn't like the cereal at all. We got some pictures that make us laugh (to the point of tears). Thankfully, he didn't throw up-- but he came pretty close. He said several times later in the day that he doesn't like Elisabeth's baby food ("It makes me cough.")

Here are the sweet pictures of Elisabeth's First Feeding.

These next pictures are of Thomas's experience with the baby food. It probably doesn't need commentary but I have to add a few comments.

Picture 1: Thomas is eager and excited about getting to taste the baby food.

Picture 2: Daddy is still holding the spoon out in case Thomas wants more. He doesn't. He is gagging.

Picture 3: We have asked Thomas if he is okay. He looks at me and smiles for the camera.

Picture 4: Two seconds after smiling for the camera, Thomas's hand goes up to his chest and he gags hard. This is the end of the picture taking.

He was probably about one more gag away from puking. I cannot tell you how happy I am that he didn't puke. Seth complimented me on my superb mothering tonight. Only a truly wonderful mom would document her child gagging (Hmph, not sure what to make of that... but they sure are some hilarious photos!)


John & Carrie said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I really like the one with you and the boys all around Elisabeth.
And--Jane Anne, you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
love ya!

Jessica said...

You do look great! That made me laugh so hard!!! Sasha said, "Is that boy gonna puuuuuuke"? So funny! Love the pictures of Elisabeth too, but I have to say, Thomas stole the show! :)

Bunco--I went for the first time last night. I got added on as a regular (there are 36 spots!!!), I thought that was large. The same lady holds it each month. I didn't know anyone when I went, my mom was invited through a lady at her bowling league. I will be sure to let her know about you too if you're still interested.

Kimberly said...

JA - you sure are dressed up for feeding a baby their very first food! ;}
Elise is just too adorable for words and I think it's incredible how sweet the boys are with her. She is SO LUCKY to have three great big brothers!
I couldn't help but LOL at the pictures of Thomas. That is just TOO funny!!! I bet he'd eat that cereal if you put ketchup on it!!! %^}

The Laverty's said...

Love all the pictures you have on your blog Jane Anne. I feel like I've reconnected with the fam after seeing everyone's pictures! I missed out when you guys were up here the last time...

Leah said...

What fun pictures! Thomas to too funny...always entertaining. It's amazing how fast Miss Elisabeth is growing! Hope to see you all soon!

Love ya,

Emily Anne said...

Oh my gosh! That is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! I have been a little out of the loop for the last 8 or so weeks, but I am starting to feel a little bit more like myself each new day. :O) SO, I am glad to finally catch up on all of my blogging and get a good laugh!!! Hope you are doing well. Your kids are such cuties!