Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Photos

I suppose I should try to get these Friday Photos up earlier (its 9 p.m. here in Oregon). Otherwise, for most of you they are really Saturday photos! Maybe I will try to post earlier next week.

We have been taking even more pictures than normal lately. My (JA's) parents were just out here for a visit. These pictures are from the last few weeks.

April 17th - Gran and Daddo arrived for their visit on April 17th. This is them loving on Elisabeth that day.

April 20 - Gran and Daddo with the kids after having Thomas's birthday celebration.

April 26 - A really cute photo of Elisabeth looking up at Daddo. (We were at the Portland Zoo.)

April 30 - Daddo and Jonathan loving on Elisabeth.

April 30 - Sweet picture of Elisabeth in her seat.

May 2 - Daddo and David playing Othello.

May 2 - David and Thomas having a picnic in the yard (on one of Daddy's old Army mats.)

May 2 - These boys love each other.

May 2 - David finger painting. Notice that he does not like to get his fingers in the paint.

May 2 - Thomas finger painting. He had no trouble putting his hands in and rubbing the paint around.

May 3 - Gran and Thomas at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

May 3 - Daddo and Thomas at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

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Kimberly said...

Love all the pictures. Thank you for taking time to share them and give a description of each picture. I don't ever think I've seen Thomas in a ball cap before! I think the picture of Elsie looking up at your Dad is just precious!