Friday, April 25, 2008

One Less

No Friday Photos today...

We took a ton of photos this week. We had a lot of photo ops with 2 birthdays to celebrate. I will share some of those pictures soon.

We are one less tonight. Today we lost our dog George. We got George and his brother Bailey 6 months after we got married. Our dogs have been with us since we first began our family (almost 13 years ago). It was hard to say goodbye to him today. We miss him already. He had a tumor and was beginning to suffer too much. His little body couldn't handle it anymore. If you are a pet owner, I am sure you understand how much the loss of a pet affects the family. Bailey doesn't know what to do without George. Thanks for stopping by. Here's a recent picture of our dog George.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jonathan is 7!

Jonathan is 7 today. He is celebrating in Spiderman style. His favorite meal of all time is Pizza. We told him he could have pizza for dinner. I (Momma) realized yesterday that Wednesday is also pizza day at school. It is the ONLY day that Jonathan wants to buy lunch at school each week. So, his day will be a pizza day (so much for nutrition!). He has a soccer game tonight at 6 p.m. and we are bringing cupcakes for the after-game snack. We will celebrate with cake and gifts this weekend. (Daddy had to let him have one gift this morning!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Thomas is 3!

Thomas turned three today. We celebrated his birthday on Sunday afternoon bcause of Daddy's work schedule and soccer games. He wanted a, you guessed it, Thomas the Train Birthday party. He opened lots of Thomas items and loved every one of them! Here are a few pictures from his party.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Photos

Jonathan loves seeing Elisabeth have "Tummy Time". Right before I took this picture, Jonathan got down on the floor and said, I want to do Tummy Time with Elisabeth.

David and Thomas were so excited when Daddy called to say that he was almost home with Gran and Daddo. They went right outside to "look" for them.

This is just a sweet picture of Daddo holding Elisabeth.

Elisabeth in her bathing suit for the first time. Gran has taught swim lessons for as long as I can remember. So, it was only natural for me to get Elisabeth her first swimsuit before Gran arrived.

It was also only natural for us to take the kids to the indoor pool the day after Gran and Daddo got here. Here is Gran with Elisabeth during her first swim.

Gran, Elisabeth and Momma swimming.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day

Last week Jonathan came home talking about the school's question of the day. His complaint was that he really never knew the right answer. That day's question had been about Tax Day. He asked, "What is Tax Day?" I explained in the simplest terms how we our government needs money to run and we have to turn in money from the money we make. The money we turn in is called taxes.

His answer: "Ohhhhhhh.... I thought that Tax Day was the day that everyone paid the Taxi Drivers."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tonight's Blessing

Tonight I was home with the kids and Daddy was out at a late meeting. We started our meal with our blessing. I began by thanking God for the day. I thanked him for the rain that watered our newly planted grass seeds (see Hay for a humorous story on this). As soon as I uttered the words, Thomas exclaimed loudly "YESSSS! I PEED on the GRASS!!" I laughed, quickly thanked God for our Daddy (who lets little boys pee in the yard), said Amen, and laughed some more.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Photos

This picture was taken this week and it is just one of my favorite recent pictures of Elisabeth.

This week our "Craft Day" was really simple. Jonathan requested that we get some modeling clay. The boys had fun making things with the clay. Jonathan was very meticulous with what he made. David and Thomas would make something, "destroyed it" and then make something new.
Here is David with his Binoculars.

Here is Thomas working with the clay.

Jonathan with his creations. He made (from left to right): a horse, a cup (which has a handle on the other side), 2 spaceships, and a (ahem, ahem) candle.

Here is a picture of Elisabeth asleep in her crib. This picture is unusual because the blanket is not totally over her face. She is very attached to this particular blanket and will pull it right over her eyes to sleep.

This picture was taken today. We had 70 degree weather and the boys just loved playing outside.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

3 Down 1 To Go


It wasn't any big deal to him. (Though he was VERY intent on standing up and peeing out the hole of his undies.) It was a very, very, very big deal to his Momma!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Photos

Last night the boys helped Seth work in the yard. This is what Jonathan looked like when he came in for dinner. He was pretty proud of those dirty hands!

Speaking of hands... earlier in the week I let David and Thomas color with markers while I was washing dishes. I was listening to them but not paying too much attention. I kept hearing Thomas say, "These are washable! They are washable!" I only looked at him after David said, "Uh, Momma, Thomas is coloring his hands.

David is really into drawing these days. He does most of his drawing on his Magnadoodle. I have been asking him to draw some pictures for me that I can keep. He said he would draw a house. As he was drawing it, I asked him about the picture. I asked about the cute flowers that he was putting on top of the roof. The response I got: "Momma, these are GUNS to shoot the BAD GUYS." I would have never thought of'd think I'd have this boy stuff down by now.

David and Thomas started swim lessons this week at the community pool. I had only planned to have David take lessons. So, on Tuesday, Thomas threw a fit that he didn't get to swim. They had room for him in the class so I decided to sign him up. He would love it and it would be much easier on me! On Thursday Thomas LOVED swimming. He loved it so much that when the teacher told him class was over and to go to him mom, he looked at her and said, "NNNNOOOOOOO!!!" He threw a fit because it was over (which everyone except his mom thought was cute and adorable).

Elisabeth sure is getting strong. The boys are constantly asking me to put her in her exersaucer. Her legs aren't quite long enough and she is still a bit wobbly. Thomas was really thrilled today when I put her in it. He took time to show her all the toys.

These pictures were all from this week. I think I am going to put together a little slide show of some of our WA Spring Break pictures. Maybe I'll have that up sometime this weekend.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Our Easter Celebration

We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter this year. We went to Washington and celebrated with our friends the McCoys. Our visit was filled with fun. On Saturday night, we decorated eggs. The kids woke up on Sunday morning and enjoyed their Easter baskets. We went to our WA church. The McCoys had extended family and friends over for Easter lunch. We had an Easter egg hunt for the kids (with plastic eggs filled with stickers and dollar store toys). I took so many Easter pictures that it would be crazy to try to share them all. I am posting 3 slideshows to give you a peek into our Easter celebration.

These pictures were taken at home few days before Easter. Elisabeth is modeling her Easter dress. Her dress was made by her Mimi (Seth's mom). It is simply beautiful.

These pictures are from the Saturday night egg coloring. The kids were worn out from an exciting day of playing. The hardest part was waiting for the desired color when someone else had it. We managed to get some good pictures and avoid meltdowns.

These pictures are from Easter day. There are pictures of the kids getting their Easter goodies and pictures taken after church.