Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Photos

Last night the boys helped Seth work in the yard. This is what Jonathan looked like when he came in for dinner. He was pretty proud of those dirty hands!

Speaking of hands... earlier in the week I let David and Thomas color with markers while I was washing dishes. I was listening to them but not paying too much attention. I kept hearing Thomas say, "These are washable! They are washable!" I only looked at him after David said, "Uh, Momma, Thomas is coloring his hands.

David is really into drawing these days. He does most of his drawing on his Magnadoodle. I have been asking him to draw some pictures for me that I can keep. He said he would draw a house. As he was drawing it, I asked him about the picture. I asked about the cute flowers that he was putting on top of the roof. The response I got: "Momma, these are GUNS to shoot the BAD GUYS." I would have never thought of'd think I'd have this boy stuff down by now.

David and Thomas started swim lessons this week at the community pool. I had only planned to have David take lessons. So, on Tuesday, Thomas threw a fit that he didn't get to swim. They had room for him in the class so I decided to sign him up. He would love it and it would be much easier on me! On Thursday Thomas LOVED swimming. He loved it so much that when the teacher told him class was over and to go to him mom, he looked at her and said, "NNNNOOOOOOO!!!" He threw a fit because it was over (which everyone except his mom thought was cute and adorable).

Elisabeth sure is getting strong. The boys are constantly asking me to put her in her exersaucer. Her legs aren't quite long enough and she is still a bit wobbly. Thomas was really thrilled today when I put her in it. He took time to show her all the toys.

These pictures were all from this week. I think I am going to put together a little slide show of some of our WA Spring Break pictures. Maybe I'll have that up sometime this weekend.


John & Carrie said...

Great pictures. I really like how much you told about each one, too.

Kimberly said...

Always lovin' the Friday Fotos (wink, wink!). Thanks for sharing! =)

Emily Anne said...

Great pictures. Elsie is too cute! I loved seeing her when you were down. What a treat! ~Shirley

Kristen said...

I can't believe how big Thomas looks next to Elsie! What happened to your little toddler?

Don't you just love the saucer days? Total freedom in 15-minute intervals! ;)