Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day

Last week Jonathan came home talking about the school's question of the day. His complaint was that he really never knew the right answer. That day's question had been about Tax Day. He asked, "What is Tax Day?" I explained in the simplest terms how we our government needs money to run and we have to turn in money from the money we make. The money we turn in is called taxes.

His answer: "Ohhhhhhh.... I thought that Tax Day was the day that everyone paid the Taxi Drivers."


Kimberly said...

Savanah and I had a conversation kinda like that this morning. I don't know that she had any guesses on what tax day was though. She just wanted to know what it was and why we have to pay taxes!

Leah said...

Ha! I like his definition better! Since I don't use Taxis in Knoxville, I wouldn't have to pay...right? It's been fun "catching up" on the Owen family on your blog! :o)