Thursday, October 15, 2009

Elisabeth's 1st Tea Party

Last Sunday, Elisabeth went to a tea party. It was the cutest thing. Four little girls using a tea set and eating little bagel sandwiches, cookies and "tea" (juice). Elisabeth was the youngest at the party and the party was right during her naptime. Surprisingly, she handled everything really well. I think she loved being around other little girls.

When we got there, she got some new dress up shoes (and a necklace, bracelet and magic wand).

She had a blast playing with the baby dolls.

Elisabeth really liked the tea set.

She was a bit too wiggly to make me feel comfortable with her using the real tea set. We gave her a plastic set (and she was still as happy as ever).

Here are all the girls having their tea.

I thought maybe Elisabeth would spill her "tea" all over her dress. She never even picked up her tea cup.

The tea party hostess (another Elizabeth) was adorable.

Here are the party girls.

Elisabeth had fun. I took a ton of pictures and I have been looking at them all week. Now, I want to watch Cinderella. I need to buy Snow White. (You should have seen Thomas's face when I said that!)


Amy Jo said...

Sleeping Beauty is my favorite! You should get Snow White and have the boys sit and watch it from start to finish!! :):)

Mimi said...

I love my teenage sons, but I would have loved to have a little girl for things just like this.

She's adorable!