Friday, October 09, 2009

Pigtails at the Owen House

Last weekend, I put Elsie's hair in pigtails. Now, I am in love with the way she looks with pigtails. She has worn them several times this week. And, to my knowledge, they have only been pulled once by one of her brothers.

Here's my little sweetie sportin' the piggies.


Kimberly said...

the pigtails/ponytails are just so adorable!!! i love them and they ROCK!!!!!

Amy Jo said...

Very cute!!! :)

samantha said...

Oh what a CUTIE!!! Don't you just love piggies?

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable, JA!!! I love the look she is giving in the 2nd shot! I can just imagine what a fun filled house you have :) Hopefully one day we can get our kiddos all together. Maybe a Bama game in T-town (would Seth allow that????) or a visit in East Tn! Miss you guys!