Saturday, September 19, 2009

He's Not a Trooper

Today has been a rainy, rainy Saturday. The kids played soccer in the rain.

First, David and Thomas had team pictures.
After that, they had their game.
Then, Jonathan has his pictures followed by his game.

I was impressed with how well the kids handled the rain.

Momma: "Thomas, You sure are a trooper! You are all troopers."
Thomas: "No, Momma, I am not."
Momma: "What? Why not?"
Thomas: "You said that I am a trooper... but actually I am Darth Vader."


aerotatt said...

that's epic said...


Pam said...

He's definitely not shy about sharing his opinion! Love it! That's what my guy would say, too. He loves Star Wars more than anything else in this world.

E @ Scottsville said...

What a cute comeback!

I hope the rain didn't ruin pictures????? Yikes!

Shirley Casey said...

So funny! Emily is totally into Star Wars right now too. :O)