Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Thomas is a Preschooler

Thomas started preschool on Wednesday. He had been looking forward to it for a long time. He is going to the same preschool where David went last year and he has the same teacher that David had.

Thomas was thrilled that his day finally came. We took lots of pictures to celebrate his special day.

Here he is - one excited 4 year old

Thomas with Daddy

Thomas with Momma

Thomas with Jonathan and David

Momma and the boys (I just love this picture)

Thomas with Elisabeth

Thomas outside of his preschool

Thomas putting up his bag

Thomas getting his name

Thomas enjoying "Table Time".

Thomas said his favorite part of preschool was art. He got to paint and draw a picture on the first day. Here's a picture of him with his first preschool drawing.


Jessica said...

Way to go Thomas!!!

Amy Jo said...

YAY! Three in school! Thank you for sharing these pics.

samantha said...

Hope you had a great day Thomas!