Tuesday, September 08, 2009

David is a Kindergartener

Today was David's first day of Kindergarten. He had a wonderful day.

Here are some highlights.

David with Daddy before school

David with Momma before school

David with Momma and his brothers (Elisabeth was still asleep)

This picture cracks me up. Thomas was upset because Jonathan and David were leaving for school and they were going to have fun when he wasn't.

David walking with Jonathan

David outside of his classroom. The room is being kept peanut-free. The kids left their lunches in a box outside the room.

David in class

I came to David's class and read Allie the Allergic Elephant. It is a story about an elephant that is allergic to peanuts. Then, the kids got a chance to taste sunbutter on crackers. Here's a picture of me reading to the class.

David eating lunch in the cafeteria. He sits at a newly established peanut-free table. David was excited about the friend he made today at school, which just happened to be the boy that sat with him at lunch.

David walking out of the school at the end of the day.

The funniest thing David said about school was this:

"My brain almost cried because it was so loud at school."


RLR said...

Enjoyed reading this! Looks like you both had a good day!

Amy Jo said...

Haha. That is pretty funny! And surprising...I think it'd be pretty loud at your house with 3 boys and all. :):) Thanks for sharing the pictures.

samantha said...

I'm so glad he had such a great day!

Ellen said...

Okay, the picture of Thomas crying while David and Jonathon are hugging cracks me up too!