Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jonathan is a 3rd Grader

Yesterday was Jonathan's First Day of 3rd Grade.

His main complaint was that his best friend is not in his class. He also does not like that they only get two recesses. (I am pretty sure that's all they got last year, too.)

He was happy that he saw his best friend on the playground. He also really liked that they did math on the first day. He was thrilled to find that another boy now sits at his table in class. When we went to the class for open house on Monday, he was at a table with all girls.

Here are a couple more pictures of him before he left for school.


RLR said...

*Only* two recesses? I'd like one of those, please :)

Mimi said...

Oh goodness, I just sent my oldest son off today for his first day of senior year. I cried like when he went to kindergarten.....