Thursday, August 10, 2006


The other day, the ice cream truck came through our neighborhood. I let Jonathan and David pick out their ice creams and I got one to share with Thomas. David choose an ice cream sandwich. Jonathan got a spongebob popsicle, complete with bubble gum eye balls. We pulled the eyeballs out (which was very exciting, I might add) and Jonathan decided David could have one of his pieces of bubble gum AFTER Jonathan was done with the popsicle. This was a big deal because, of course, David made record time consuming his regular size ice cream sandwich, while Jonathan slowly enjoyed his popsicle.
Anyway, getting to the point of this story...
I decided to remind David about Bubble gum and how to enjoy it.

Momma: "Now, David, remember, this is CHEWING gum. You don't swallow it. You chew it and when you are done with it, you spit it out."
(No reaction from David- who was running around in the front yard.)
Momma: "DAVID, chew it, then SPIT IT OUT."

I went back to sharing my ice cream with Thomas. I was caught totally off guard when David ran over to me, and SPIT his chewing gum in my direction.
He followed my direction, quite literally.
There was nothing to do but chuckle to myself.

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