Thursday, July 30, 2009

"I did what you said"

David has been cracking me up this week. I could write post after post about what he's been doing and saying.

This week, I have a motto. I didn't mean to create a motto. It just happened after a few too many hours hiding inside from the 100+ heat outside. One day when the boys were getting ready to do something I said, "Rule #1: Don't do things to upset your brother." I have been saying that over and over this week.

This morning, David was hitting his brother with a pillow. His brother was saying, "Stop! Stoooooop"

Momma: "David, Don't do things to upset your brother."

He turns and (ever so gently) hits Elisabeth with the pillow.

Momma: "David! Don't hit Elisabeth."

David: "You said don't upset your brother and I did what you said."


RLR said...

Ahahaha(snort)ahahahah! Sounds exactly like something I would hear in my house (except for the no-other-sibling-to-hit part...).

Carrie said...

LOL I love the logic!!

Anonymous said...

He's too smart!

Amy Jo said...

love it.