Saturday, August 01, 2009

What Thomas Learned at VBS

Thomas: "Momma, God loves you even when you do something bad."


Momma: "Yes, Thomas, he does. But, that doesn't mean it's okay to do bad things."

Thomas: "But, God loves me no matter what - even when I do bad things."

We got interrupted at that point. I'm still wondering why he was still thinking about that lesson.


Jill said...

Poter told me that Jesus walked on water and didn't even fall in.

Jessica said...

All Jackson told me is that they talked about the one person we all love the most.. Aren't they cute?!

samantha said...

At the beach today Lukas told all of us Jesus walked on water. Did you know he could walk on the very top. I hope you will still let your kids come back next year!

AJ said...

ha ha....I'd be curious too!! Especially with Thomas... :)

Carin said...

Oh my that is too cute!