Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Fat Cry Baby

The boys have been torturing each other with name calling lately (I know you are shocked.). I am constantly reminding them not to call each other names. It is usually awful things like Poopy Face or Cry Baby.

Tonight, Jonathan came running downstairs to tell me that David called him a name.

"He saaaaaaid that I had a big fat cry baby in my belly!"

"THAT is not true. He called me a GIRL"

I said, "What?"

"If you have a baby in your belly, you are a girl and I am NOT a girl!"

Ahhhhhh... well, of course, that is the worst insult ever to Jonathan. It wasn't the "big" or the"fat" or even the "cry baby". If there's a baby in your belly, you are a girl. Jonathan can be called many things but not that!


AJ said...

haha....poor kid. :) I like that he reasoned all of that out to find the worst part of the name calling. Thanks for sharing that. :)

Mimi said...

My boys are 17 & 14 & their favorite thing to call each other is douche. Lovely, huh?

Kimberly said...

ha, ha!!! he KILLS ME!!!!

samantha said...

Very cute!