Wednesday, September 10, 2008

David's 1st Day of Preschool

David's first day of preschool was Monday. He loved it! Everyone got going early that morning. We are all going to have to adjust a bit to the new schedule (especially Elisabeth!). Jonathan was adorable because he was absolutely excited for David's first day of school. We woke Jonathan up and he wanted to be the one to wake up David. Then, he ran downstairs and was excited about everything from the clothes David got to wear and the supplies he was bringing into class. David was so cute going into preschool. He was all smiles and he seemed to love having me there taking pictures. David got lots of hugs before school and after school from his brothers. And, when Jonathan came in the door after getting off the bus, the first words out of his mouth were, "How was David's first day of school?" It was great seeing David soaking up his moment and loving his new school. It was touching to see his brothers excited for him. And Elisabeth was exhausted at the end of the preschool day. (Oh, Momma has a Monday morning meeting while David is in school. So, Elisabeth was woken up early and then had tons of stimulation instead of her morning nap!)
Here are some pictures of David's day:
Jonathan waiting for David to come and see his school clothes and supplies.

Jonathan and Thomas giving David a BIG hug.

David getting ready to go into preschool.

David standing outside of his classroom.

David playing a matching game during the opening "table play time".

David checking out more "table play" activites.

David singing a song at the end of preschool. (He told me later that he didn't sing. He just did the motions!)

David spots me taking his picture.

David getting a really big hug from Thomas.

David and Thomas freezing the moment so Momma could get a close up picture.

David's first preschool artwork (which is proudly displayed on the fridge).

One very, very exhausted baby


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! What a touching story. I just loved reading about how excited the brothers were for David. Does Thomas feel left out - not getting a bike last week and now not going to preschool either. Loved the picture of Elsie, too. Thank you for sharing.

Jane Anne said...

Thomas feels very left out. He misses David so much and asks "What do I get to do??" Monday wasn't as hard as this morning because I had a morning Bible study on Monday so he got to play at the church.

Kimberly said...

I'm sure that at first he will have a hard time adjusting but once you are more adjusted to the routine I can imagine you'll be able to start giving him some one on one attention that he will TOTALLY eat up!

Anonymous said...

Of course I LOVE all the Star Wars shirts in your house on the first day of school, too!! Our boys would LOVE to play together, I bet! I hope Thomas adjusts soon to David being gone. I remember how hard it was for Jake when Ben went to preschool and Kinder. The best time of day for Jake was when Ben got home! Elisabeth is getting so big and is just adorable! Thanks for sharing the cute pics!!