Friday, September 19, 2008

Say What?

I love asking my kids questions just to see what they say. Last night at dinner I asked a bunch of random of questions and I enjoyed their answers.

Here are 2 of the questions I remember asking:

If you could be any superhero today, which one would you be?
Jonathan: Spiderman
David: Superman
Thomas: Batman

What is your favorite drink:
Jonathan: Gatorade
David: Coke
Thomas: Koolaid

Just now, being silly, I asked Thomas a question and laughed pretty hard at his answer.

Momma: "Thomas, what is in your ear?"
Thomas: "A booger."
Momma: "What?! Why is there a booger in your ear?"
Thomas: "Because I put it there."
Thomas: "Maybe I should go to the doctor."
I am thinking to myself---Maybe I should be concerned!


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Tristan and Shelby and I really laughed at this one...I think Tristan espcially liked this yucky story!