Thursday, September 18, 2008

Elisabeth is 10 months old

Elisabeth is 10 months old now. It is SO hard to believe. Our "Elsie girl" is growing so fast! Her days are often quite busy, depending on what her brothers are doing. Thankfully, she is a very easy going girl! Here is how she spent her day 10 month old "birthday" yesterday.

7:30 Momma got her up for breakfast.
8:30 Along with Momma, She dropped David off at preschool
8:45 She went to the store to get Milk

10:00 She took a small nap in the swing (because there was not enough time for a big morning nap)

11:00 She went to preschool pick up David
11:30 Ate lunch at home
12:30 She went to pick up Jonathan from school (he has early release on Wednesdays)
1:30 She took a nice long afternoon nap
5:15 She watched Jonathan play his first soccer game... and loved watching David blow bubbles

6:30 Ate Dinner at Home
7:00 Playtime!

Loved on Pooh

Practiced Standing

Smiled for Momma

8:00 Bedtime


Carmom said...

I love those pictures. She is so photogenic! I also love that dress. Is it handmade or can I buy it somewhere?

Jane Anne said...

The dress is made by Carters. It was sent as a gift so I don't know what store carries it. Hopefully it won't be too hard to find. I love it, too!

Kimberly said...

How precious is she!!!!

leigh ann said...

That child is absolutely gorgeous! You are so blessed, JA! :)