Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day of 2nd Grade

Before School

After School (and a very long bus ride)

Today was Jonathan's first day of school. At his school open house (yesterday), he said he was excited for school to start but he didn't miss it at all during the summer. He was excited about going to school. It was obvious because I had no trouble at all getting him out of bed. He has a great teacher... the same teacher he had last year! She had a split 1st/2nd grade class last year. This year she has a 2nd grade only class. Jonathan liked her a lot last year and even spent the summer saying (hoping) he might end up with her again. He came home saying with pride that he knew everything she went over. I think her classroom set up (though in a different room) is pretty similar to last year. Jonathan said he had a good day. I had to work hard to get details from him. The worst part was definitely his bus ride home. The ride took him one and half hours!! Last year the ride home was half an hour. I actually called the school just to make sure he didn't miss the bus. The first words out of his mouth when he got off the bus was that he didn't want to ride the bus any more. The route is totally different and his stop is one of the last stops. Still, there is no reason in this small town that it should take that long. The jury is out on what will happen with his trip home. (By the way, the ride in the morning was 45 minutes.) I am ready to pick him up from school tomorrow but my better half says we should wait a week to see if it gets better.


Jessica said...

One and a half hours?????? Seriously???? Don't you just live within about 5 minutes of the school? That's a really long time. 45 minutes seems like a long time too.. I lived out in the country as a child and that's how long it took me to get home on the bus. It was a really long time..uggh.. but at least I lived more than a 5 minute drive away (okay, totally don't know exactly WHERE you live but know that you live in our little town).

Hopefully it was just the first day bus driver issues..I know it's hard for me to take Jackson to school everyday and then pick him up each afternoon. Since we live a block from our school the bus doesn't pick him up. Sometimes when I have to wake Sasha up from her nap because we need to go pick him up, I wish we lived at least one mile away so he could take the bus..

Glad he had a good day! The worst part is the new teacher and he got the same one he loved!! Wow!

Leah said...

Hey JA! Ah memories of the bus. Hey at least he didn't have a bus driver that left him standing at the bus stop. One of our drivers did that to me and Rachel. He looked at us and kept driving. Apparently he did that to several kids...he was not driving the bus a few days later. :o)

Ok, seriously...Jonathan has on a COAT! Is it really that cold up there? It's 90 degrees here. I can't imagine even wearing a light jacket right now! He's getting so big!

Glad to see you all are doing so good. Give everyone a hug. I'd love to see you all sometime soon!

Blake Alan Fessenden said...

That is a ridiculous bus ride! I don't blame him. I wouldn't want to ride the bus either! :O) I am glad to hear he got the teacher he wanted. That always makes going to school a little better. I can't believe how grown up he is looking. ~Shirley

Kimberly said...

Hey, has the bus ride gotten any better?

Jane Anne said...

This week it is better... down to an hour bus ride.