Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Snapshots

Jonathan had a soccer game on Tuesday night. It was pouring. Both Jonathan and Daddy got soaked (as you can see, Daddy's coat didn't help him too much!).

David got to celebrate his birthday at Preschool this week. We brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk. David loved having a special snack time.

On Wednesday Elisabeth figured out how to pull to standing in her crib. I thought she was alseep during naptime until I heard her crying. She didn't know what to do next. Of course, when I found her standing, I ran to get the camera! Now, she fights naps by pulling up like this.

Thomas was really proud of himself for styling his hair this way. (I thought he was washing his hands.)

Jonathan was awarded student of the month for September. (I wrote more about this here.)

Both Elisabeth and Momma wore BAMA red to watch the game. (I need to get my boys some BAMA clothes. Really, Elsie needs a girl outfit! This one was a hand-me-down from the boys.) Check out another adorable photo.


Kimberly said...

love ALL of the pics. i have a suggestion for seth - UMBRELLA!!!!

cbogie said...

I see lots of cute girls at his table! :) Eli's likin' the girls at school, too!

Anonymous said...

Which girl at the table is the one David is going to marry?

Jane Anne said...

Funny thing-- I wondered if anyone would ask that. David's friend was sitting at the other table, so she isn't in the picture.

She has been out this week and he keeps coming home saying, "my friend wasn't at school." This is so new to me!