Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Loving Our Enemies

Yesterday the boys and Momma played in the backyard. While Thomas enjoyed the baby swing, Momma, Jonathan, and David chased each other around with water bottles.

There was lots of running and laughing with Jonathan yelling:
Attack, attack!!
Chicken, Chicken, Chicken!

Jonathan: Momma, you are my enemy.
Momma: Ok, you better watch out!
Jonathan: Hey, did you know that God says to love our enemies?
Momma: Yes, Jonathan, you are right- we should love our enemies.
Jonathan: OK! I am loving you AAAAANNNND attacking you!!!


Seth said...

chicken, chicken, chicken?
What movie is that from?

Jane Anne said...

I asked Jonnie today where he got "Chicken, chicken, chicken" and smiled real big and said "From School!" They play tag and chase each other around when they are on the playground.