Tuesday, July 25, 2006


So, today, I, Momma, got quite confused on what day it was. I knew it was Tuesday but I thought my Wednesday activities were happening. I fed the kids an early dinner and prepared them for the fact that our babysitter was coming. I was headed 2 houses down to a Pampered Chef party. I munched a half a hot dog and looked forward to the yummy Pamered Chef food. When it got close to time, the older boys went on the front porch to wait for our babysitter. After a bit, I decided to bring Thomas out in the front, also. The boys got their bikes out and were riding around in the driveway. The babysitter was to be there at 6:15. She is usally early. When it got to be 6:20, I was surprised. But, as it approached 6:30 and there was no sign of her, I was concerned. My concern was only outweighed by the confusion I felt when there were no cars down the street and no sign that anyone was at the house of the party. I gave my friend a quick call and no one answered. I was really confused. Finally, I got out my laptop and checked the E-vite that was sent out. The party wasn't for Tuesday, it was for Wednesday.

Momma: Jonathan, I am so confused. I thought the party was tonight but it is tomorrow. Jessica [our babysitter] isn't coming tonight.
Jonathan: She isn't?
Momma: I just got it all confused. Have you ever gotten confused?
Jonathan: Nope! But, maybe I will when I am older.


Kristen said...

JANE ANNE!! This can surely only mean one thing!! Are you pregnant again?? HA HA!! I know, that's how rumors get started....


Jane Anne said...

I would be in big trouble if I was pregnant again! #1) My husband is away #2)If I got pregnant while he was home--surely to goodness I would have figured it out by now. (But, no rumors please!)
And- in all fairness, my babysitter didn't show up tonight, either. So, I know the party was tonight but I am still just as confused as I was yesterday. The boys think I am just crazy!

Seth said...

The confusion possibly is related to the quick approaching of your __# Birthday! You still look like you are 18 to me!