Thursday, March 22, 2007

Goodnight…oh, and Daddy, I asked Jesus into my heart tonight.

“Goodnight…oh, and Daddy, I asked Jesus into my heart tonight.”
Those were Jonathan’s words to Seth right before bed last night. What wonderful words to hear! Of course, Seth didn’t just stay, “Okay, goodnight!” Seth and Jonathan came out of the room (which surprisingly didn’t bother David at all) and they had a nice talk and prayed.

More about this on Gravity of Motion. *It is such great news, I have to blog about it on all my blogs!


Grandma Sarah said...

Jane Anne,

YIKES!!! That is such wonderful news. I will be interested in all the particulars. I just love it when little kids ask Jesus into their hearts. Tell Jonathan that Jesus loves HIM more than school OR the donut place.

Love you, Sarah

Carrie said...

Praise God! That is Awesome!!!