Thursday, May 31, 2007

Boys Notice Everything

Yesterday, I was lightly ironing a loose fitting pregnancy tank shirt on the floor. (It was almost 90 degrees outside, which is quite unusual for Western Washington this time of the year, and we don't have air conditioning.) I was wearing a non-pregnancy tank top at the time. Jonathan came into the room and asked me what I was doing.

Jonathan: What are you doing mom?
Momma: I am trying to iron this shirt really quickly.
Jonathan: Why?
Momma: I didn't want to get the ironing board out because it is so hot. I just pulled this pregnancy shirt out of a box and it is very wrinkled.
Jonathan: Oh... Hey, Ma? (probably never mentioned that Jonathan often calls me "Ma"- short for Momma)
Jonathan: When your pregnant and your belly gets bigger... your boobies get bigger, too.
Momma: yes, yes, they do...

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