Friday, August 24, 2007

Who Won?

Last night the boys were really loud in the house. Truth be told, we have a lot of loudness in our house all the time. Our new house has high ceilings and it seems the noise is magnified. After dinner, Seth sent the boys outside because they were yelling.

Daddy: "Out, Out-- Boys, go outside! You cannot be that loud in the house!"
Jonathan: "Awww..."
Daddy: "Outside, Now."
Jonathan: "Alright!"
Jonathan and David run outside with Thomas following behind. Momma smiles because she sees what's coming.
Jonathan and David begin screaming as loud as they can. (After all, they are outside and screaming is for outside.)
Momma to Daddy: "I wonder how long this will last."

Daddy's face shows a mix of being amazed and frustrated. Not much doubt he is thinking about our new neighbors listening to the extremely loud screaming.

The screaming continues...and continues...(Momma keeps checking out Daddy's reaction.) The boys are clearly having a great time.

Jonathan bounds inside--
Jonathan: "DADDY!? Do YOU give up?!?!"

Momma erupts in laughter. Daddy tries to hold it in but gives up.

Daddy: "Yes, Jonathan, you guys can come in."


Kimberly said...

That is great!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and giving me a good laugh!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness. That is hi-larious! =) That just cracks me up! *shakes head at Seth Andrew*
Amy Jo

Melissa Guay said...

LOL!!!! That is one of those realization moments...."our kids are smarter than we are!"