Tuesday, September 04, 2007

David is 4!

David turned 4 on Sunday. The day was celebrated in pirate style. For a pirate feast, we took David to Red Robin for lunch. Then, we celebrated with a pirate birthday party. We had several pirate games and a treasure hunt that ended with treasures found in our moving boxes. The McCoy Family (Keith, Kim, Samantha, and Savanah) came to help celebrate.
Here are a few pictures of David's special day.


Kimberly said...

The pictures from Red Robin are SO cute! Thanks for letting us join in on all the piratey-fun and for putting up with us for five days. We had a blast!

Emily Anne said...

Happy Birthday David! I love the birthday cake! Did you do that Jane Anne? I also need to know how you do that really cool slideshow with the pictures. I love it! ~Shirley

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures! They are great!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing those! And believe me I didn't miss the Starbucks cups in the background. ;)
Amy Jo...