Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Photos

David and Thomas giving Elisabeth some Batman love. Thankfully, she doesn't scare easy!

David and Thomas hanging out together at swim lessons.

A sweet picture of Elsie - taken in between bites of baby cereal.

Jonathan right after he got home from school today. He came home excited to share about his school field day.

David took this picture of Daddy. It was a second attempt. Daddy did a good job of getting in the photo!

Momma enjoying a sweet moment with her precious sleeping girl.


John & Carrie said...

All the pictures are great, but I especially love the picture of JA and Elisabeth! There is just something so tender and special about those sweet moments holding a sleeping baby.

Kimberly said...

The pictures are great!!! The girls want to know when you guys got a pool!!! Ha, ha!

leigh ann said...

Oh, that last one is a keeper. It almost makes me want another one...

Somebody slap me. :)