Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day 2009

For Father's Day, the kids and Momma made Daddy a book. The book had a letter in it from Momma, interviews from the boys about Daddy, and artwork from all of the children. The kids worked really hard on the book and were excited to give it to Daddy. I'll post the interviews soon. They are precious.

The Book

Jonathan's comic strip -with Daddy as Super Dad

David's picture of David and Daddy holding hands

Thomas's picture of Thomas holding hands with Daddy and Momma

Elisabeth's Drawing


cbogie said...

What an awesome mom and wife you are to honor your husband that way! And to plan ahead to have all the "parts" needed to put the book together! Awesome! Hope Seth had a great day! What is the essence of Elsie's art BTW? :)

Carmom said...

What a great gift!! I didn't have my creative juices running this year. We ended up shopping instead. I will have to keep this in mind for next year though.

Amy said...

That is a great gift. You are awesome. I love how Elisabeth is playing with her shoe while everyone else is looking at the book. So cute. :)

Jane Anne said...

Cameo- I think maybe Elsie's drawing was an interpretation of what it looks like at our house when Seth wrestles with the boys.