Sunday, November 01, 2009

Family Photos

Sometimes we go months without having any pictures taken of the whole family. We had 3 family pictures taken in the last 2 weeks.

During Halftime of the Alabama Tennessee Game

At the Pumpkin Patch

On Halloween


Carmom said...

At least you are even when it comes to who's rooting for whom!! What fun it must be at your house, a house divided and all that!

Jessica said...

I love the family photos. How sweet.

The Puyallup Earnhardts said...

Sorry I'm having to leave this here. I don't have your email address and it wouldn't connect me through the link. Thanks for the encouraging words. I am committing to praying for you and your family in the same way. My email is Will you send me yours so we can keep in touch that way. Hope you are coming for a visit soon. We need an excuse to get the ladies together for coffee!!