Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nevada Living

This past weekend, we drove from Oregon to Nevada. The drive was long but it went smoothly. We were all happy to see that Nevada sign. Seth's company has put us up in a furnished apartment for a few weeks. The apartment has a pool, which the kids just love. We are enjoying the Nevada sunshine. It's quite a change from the rainy Northwest.

Our apartment

Exploring the hills behind the apartment

The pool

The hot tub


Kimberly said...

We are SO READY to join you guys there!!!!! Two weeks just can't go by fast enough!!!

Unknown said...

It's so great to see you all so happy and together with Seth!! Keep the photos coming! Miss you all!

Unknown said...

PS Unknown is Wendy. :-)

RLR said...

Wow - looks like a really cool place to explore! (By the was, I really enjoyed the pics you took before you moved - what a great idea!)
We did the furnished apartment thing for a while when we moved here. Helps you figure out just how little you really need (and we had a 3-month-old at the time). Hope the house hunting is going well!