Friday, November 04, 2011

The Morning Mess

This morning I walked into the kids' bathroom only to find pee all over the bathroom floor.

I interrogated my boys. No one wanted to admit who missed the toilet. We considered which bathroom they went to and who was most awake. I asserted that Thomas could have been awake but not paying attention.

Then, with an angelic smile on his face, Thomas said,
"Well, the lights were off."


sharon said...

This never happens in my house. You have such a good attitude!! Perfect mom for boys.

Seth said...

She has a good attitude because Dad is home and the logic seems to be: Dad has the same plumbing as the guilty party, Dad cleans the mess.

LibertyMichael said...

Oh my... Jane Anne and Seth... we have 3 potty "trained" boys, and the same issue at times. But I'm with Jane Anne, Mike cleans the messes too. Sorry Seth :)

Kimberly said...

This is great! So much to look forward to, huh? Poor Tanner won't be able to blame anyone else though! And I'm going to have to follow JA logic on this and agree it's TOTALLY the Daddy's job to clean up the little boy mess!!! ;~}

Jamie K said...

I just want to install some kind of drain around the bottom of the toilet then all would be solved, and as far as dad cleaning it up, there were the ones who taught them how to stand!!