Friday, April 07, 2006

Events This Week 4/7/06

1) David has learned to pedal his tricycle this week. We got David a tricycle of his very own for his 2nd birthday in September of last year. It was the kind with a push bar behind it. Since then, all he has wanted to do is push the tricycle around. He did not want to try to pedal and he definitely did not want someone to push him. Now it is Spring (and somewhat warm in Western Washington) and he wants to be big and ride his bike. He is VERY excited to be pedaling. It was a fight to get him to understand that he has to wear his helmet while riding his bike. We had a few fits while we were working that out. But, now he will ask for his helmet before he rides. It is all quite adorable.
2) David has learned the proper etiquette for interrupting. When I am on the phone, David says, "Excuse me Momma. 12389W. Excuse me, Momma. 12389W." (He is mimicking Jonathan who has learned to say Excuse me and count to 10 when he wants my attention.)
3) Speaking of "W"... this is David's Favorite letter (and "number"). He throws a W in whenever he can. Tonight he said, "I play for W minutes." I also informed him that "Owen" has a W in it and he laughed, "Hee Hee Hee."

Jonathan is having his 1st real sleepover tonight. He has stayed with friends before but he was with his brother (and it was to give Momma and Daddy a night away). This is his first night away with a friend for a "sleepover." He was pretty excited about it. (And, apparently Momma was more nervous than him... when I called "to confirm when he was coming home," he was not longing for home but rather finishing a late movie.)

1) This week Thomas gave up the Army low crawl. He crawls mostly on his hands and knees now. He is fast! And, he is pulling up to standing more and more. However, he cannot figure out how to sit down once he is standing.
2) Thomas loves to mimic others when he can. Unfortunately this means he gets in fun screaming/squealing conversations with David. He had fun copying me nod my head tonight.

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