Sunday, April 02, 2006

Innocent and Two

For the last few days I have watched David have fun with pillows. He would just say, "weeeee" and then land on the pillows. Or, he would go, "Ahhhhh" and throw himself on the couch. This was a lot of fun for him. And, he used lots and lots of sound effects for each landing. Many times the events were preceeded by, "Momma, watch this."
Imagine his surprise today when he tried one of his stunts without the pillows. With a smile on his face, he looked back behind himself and then free-fell onto the floor. His smile faded upon impact. He landed hard. It was painful to watch but adorably funny. I was right there next to him so I wrapped my arm around him (trying to stifle my laughter). His big blue eyes looked up at me and he said, "I hurt myself." It was a priceless two-year old moment.

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