Friday, November 16, 2007

If only it was that Easy

At lunch David and Thomas were talking to me about how big the baby is going to be. Then, David asked me when baby Elisabeth was going to be born.

(David) When is she going to be born?
(Momma) I don't know, David. Soon. Maybe tomorrow.
(David) Well, Momma, wwhhyyyy don't you look on my calendar and see when she is going to be born? THEN you can tell me.


Amy said...

LOL....That sure would be nice, wouldn't it? ;)

Emily Anne said...

Too cute! This waiting for baby thing is a big concept to grab for these little ones. ~Shirley

Kimberly said...

How adorable! I love it!

Seth said...

Looking back.. this is really funny. Since this was posted 14 hours before baby Elisabeth was born.