Friday, December 21, 2007

Grandparents are Great!

We were really fortunate to have both sets of grandparents visit recently. The boys loved playing with Gran and Daddo and Mimi and Poppa. It was really special to have them meet Elisabeth.

Hanging out with Gran and Daddo (Jane Anne's parents)

Hanging out with Mimi and Poppa (Seth's parents)


Kimberly said...

thanks for posting the pictures! i love to see jonathan holding elsie jane - the baby girl with "girl cooties". it all changes when they get to see their sweet little faces, huh? though I'm sure that when she gets older and gets into something of his, she might go back to being the little girl with cooties! but for now, she gets to be his sweet baby sister!

John & Carrie said...

These are great pictures of your children with both sets of grandparents!!
You have beautiful children!
Merry Christmas!

Emily Anne said...

Love the pictures! Your Christmas card was great too! Your boys have such great little personalities! I hope you enjoyed your first Christmas with your new little one. I am sure there was lots of pink involved! :O) ~Shirley