Saturday, December 01, 2007


I hesitate to share this because many of you might thing we are scrooge's at our house. But, the moment was so funny, I have to document it. We don't participate in the traditional Santa Claus festivities. We have explained Santa Claus to our kids by telling the story of Saint Nicholas and sharing that the Santa Claus story starts there. We emphasize that the story of Santa Claus is for fun and that the boys shouldn't spoil the fun for other kids. On Christmas morning, we have "Santa Surprises" that are set out and also put in Stockings. We don't suggest that they are delivered by Santa. They are just surprises left much like Saint Nicholas did special things for people.

This past week Jonathan came home from school saying his teacher had him write a letter to Santa and that she was going to mail it to the North Pole. This was a bit confusing for him (because he is pretty trusting of authority, I guess). So, we had to explain how some parents and teachers really have fun with the Santa story and that it is all meant in fun.

In the middle of the discussion, David had all the answers. He kept saying the following over and over, in his loud, determined way.

"BUT, Momma... Santa is DEAD. Santa is DEAD! For Reeeeeal, Santa is Dead!"

It was so funny (and I couldn't help but laugh to myself at how sad it would seem to some people).


Melissa Guay said...

Okay, THAT is funny!!! However I'm really amazed that his teacher was acknowledging any mention of Christmas in school!!!

indyjulie said...

Don't worry Jane Anne, we killed Santa years ago. Heather Anne was only told of the birth of Christ and how amazing Christmas was to celebrate it. Long and short... after a day shopping and having 8 different cashiers ask her what Santa is bringing her and SEEING Santa at the mall--- she thought in her 3 yr old self that Santa was real and Jesus was fake. No one mentioned Jesus, she never met him, and everyone was very concerned about her presents she wanted. So Santa died.

Kimberly said...

We were listening to a Brooks & Dunn christmas CD today after church. There is a song that talks about believing in Santa Claus. I'm making lunch and Anah is sitting on the counter talking to me while I'm doing this. All of a sudden she says to me, "Momma does this guy really believe in Santa?" I tried explaining that you know how sometimes you pretend that your dolls or stuffed animals are real? Well, sometimes even though adults know something isn't necessarily true they will pretend it is for fun. She looked at me and said, "Mom, I think it's just ridiculous that an adult would actually believe that Santa is real!". Then she jumped down off the counter and ran off and I was left there wondering myself why a pretend Santa is more recognized than a perfect baby born, a Savior for all who would just believe.

Kimberly said...

As I was wrapping David's gift, Anah picked out the tag for it. The tag has a picture of Santa on it. After writing David in the "To:" line, I was extremely tempted to write in the "From:" line - The Dead Guy. But I didn't think it really went along with the whole Christmas spirit nor did I think that he would get the joke. But I find myself still chuckling about it and wanted to share with you.
I guess maybe the paint fumes are getting to me as well! %}
Merry Christmas!!!!